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SilverFox Forex EA Free Download

SilverFox Forex EA Free Download

Overview of SilverFox Forex EA

SilverFox Forex EA is a state-of-the-art trading tool designed to automate your trading on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, and the best part—it’s free to download! This expert advisor (EA) is capable of managing between 40 to 80 trades daily, making it a robust addition to your trading arsenal. The use of a rebate program in conjunction with SilverFox Forex EA could significantly enhance profitability.

Key Features and Benefits

SilverFox EA employs a sophisticated combination of trading strategies including martingale, hedging, and various technical indicators. This mix not only provides a high return on investment (ROI) but also maintains commendable stability. However, potential users should be aware of the inherent risks associated with these strategies, particularly with martingale.

With options to trade with a fixed lot or an auto lot that adjusts transaction size based on predefined criteria, SilverFox Forex EA offers flexibility to suit various trading styles and risk profiles. Reports indicate profitability ranging from 7% to 16% monthly, with a maximum drawdown of 27% on a $690 cent account.

Performance and Safety Tips

It’s essential to recognize the risks associated with long-term use of aggressive strategies like martingale. While highly profitable, the risk of depleting your trading account is real. However, strategic periodic withdrawals can tilt the odds in your favor, transforming risky operations into break-even, and eventually, profitable outcomes.

Recommendations for Optimal Use

  • Minimum Account Balance: $200 cent account
  • Optimal Currency Pair: EURUSD, though it works with any currency pair
  • Time Frame Flexibility: Performs consistently across all time frames
  • Important Note: The EA may not perform well in strategy testers.


SilverFox Forex EA offers a compelling blend of automated efficiency and strategic flexibility, making it a valuable tool for Forex traders using MT4. Its ability to handle a high volume of trades, combined with sophisticated strategies, makes it suitable for traders looking to maximize their profitability while managing risks. Remember, the key to success with SilverFox Forex EA lies in understanding its operational framework and integrating safety measures like periodic withdrawals.

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