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BSS Forex Market EA 14.3 Free Download

BSS Forex Market EA 14.3 Free Download


The BSS Forex Market EA 14.3 stands out as a notable advancement in the world of automated Forex trading. This expert advisor (EA) is freely available for download and has been actively operating since December 8, 2022. It has gained a reputation for its robust performance and effectiveness in enhancing traders’ balances quickly.

Key Features of BSS Forex Market EA 14.3

BSS Forex Market EA is a fully automated robot designed for the Forex market, making trading decisions without human intervention. It supports multiple currency pairs including EURUSD, USDJPY, EURGBP, and EURCHF. Each of these pairs has a dedicated EA file, ensuring tailored and optimized trading strategies.

The EA employs a combination of martingale and other trading methods, which, while potentially risky, offer high returns on investment (ROI). The performance of the EA has been verified by myfxbook, providing traders with confidence in its claimed capabilities.

Performance and Risk Management

One of the distinctive features of BSS Forex Market EA is its high-speed capital increase. However, it’s important to note that the aggressive martingale strategy employed can lead to significant account risks if not managed with a sufficient deposit. The developers recommend a starting deposit of $3500 for trading a single pair at a minimal lot size of 0.01. However, for those seeking safer long-term operations, a $100 cent account or its equivalent in a standard account is advisable.

Strategic Recommendations for Users

For traders willing to take higher risks, running all four supported pairs on a $1000 account is an option. Yet, this approach is considered very risky and should be undertaken with caution. The EA works best on the M5 timeframe but is adaptable to other timeframes as well.


The BSS Forex Market EA 14.3 is an innovative tool for Forex traders looking to automate their trading strategies. With its high potential for quick returns, it appeals to many in the trading community. However, due to the inherent risks associated with its strategy, it is crucial for users to approach it with a clear understanding of their risk tolerance and to make use of strategic withdrawals to safeguard investments.

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