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Quake SM Forex and Binary System Free Download

Quake SM Forex and Binary System Free Download

In the fast-paced world of forex and binary options trading, having a robust and efficient trading strategy can significantly increase your chances of success. The Quake SM Forex and Binary System offers traders a structured and effective approach to navigate market volatilities with confidence. Here, we provide a comprehensive overview of this system, covering its setup, indicators, and trading rules to help you optimize your trading results.

Optimal Setup for Maximum Efficiency

  • Time Frame: The Quake SM System works best with a time frame of 5 minutes or higher, catering to traders looking for swift and significant results.
  • Currency Pairs: This system is versatile, allowing you to trade any currency pair, thereby opening a broad market scope.
  • Binary Options High/Low Expiry Time: For binary options, it is recommended to set expiry times of 3-5 candles, optimizing the timing for market entry and exit.

Key Indicators to Guide Your Trades

The Quake SM System utilizes a mix of dynamic indicators to provide real-time insights into market movements:

  • Quake Indicator: A blend of several indicators to identify momentum and market trends.
  • FX SR Zones: These zones help identify support and resistance levels, crucial for strategic entry and exit points.
  • Trend Direction and Force: Measures the strength and direction of market trends based on recent data.
  • Additional Tools: The Teste Indicator, RSI Hill, SM Robo, and RSI Arrow further support decision-making by offering diverse analytical perspectives.

Trading Rules for Strategic Execution

  • Buying or Calling: Initiate a buy or call option when you observe 4 or 5 buy arrows appearing simultaneously below the chart, indicating a strong upward momentum.
  • Selling or Putting: Place a sell or put option when 4 or 5 sell arrows are displayed together below the chart, signaling a potential downward movement.
  • Exit Strategy: To maximize gains and minimize losses, exit the trade upon the appearance of an opposite arrow, at predetermined support/resistance levels, or maintain a minimum stop loss ratio of 1:1.25. Your initial stop loss should be set below or above the previous swing high/low or the identified support/resistance zone.

Best Practices for Trading with Quake SM System

While the Quake SM System provides a structured framework for trading, it is essential to exercise caution and discretion, especially when exiting trades based on opposite arrows. Traders are advised to practice with demo accounts to familiarize themselves with the system’s nuances before committing real money.


The Quake SM Forex and Binary System is an invaluable tool for traders aiming to exploit market fluctuations effectively. By understanding and utilizing its setup, indicators, and trading rules, traders can enhance their trading precision and increase their chances of profitability in the competitive forex and binary options markets.

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