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Shizuka EA Free Download

Shizuka EA Free Download

Introduction to Shizuka EA

Shizuka EA, a highly advanced and fully automated expert advisor, is now available for free, despite its usual selling price of $299. This powerful tool is designed to enhance your trading strategy by exploiting market fluctuations efficiently.

Key Features of Shizuka EA

Advanced Trading Algorithms

Shizuka EA operates based on the 3MA (Moving Average) Crossovers strategy. It integrates various types of Moving Averages such as MA, EMA, SMMA, WMA, and HMA, allowing traders to choose the best fit for their trading style. After detecting a crossover, the EA employs a robust confirmation strategy using price action analysis, pattern detection, and support and resistance calculations.

Flexibility and Customization

The default MA configuration is optimized for a broad range of currency pairs, but traders are encouraged to backtest the EA to tailor its settings to their specific risk and money management preferences. This level of customization ensures that both novice and experienced traders can maximize their use of Shizuka EA.

Optimal Settings and Recommendations

Suggested Trading Conditions

  • Minimum Account Balance: A minimum of $500 or an equivalent cent account is recommended for optimal operation.
  • Preferred Currency Pairs: Shizuka EA performs best with major pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, XAUUSD, and EURAUD, but it is versatile enough to work with any currency pair.
  • Time Frames: The EA is suitable for various trading styles, supporting 5-minute or 15-minute time frames for scalpers and 1-hour time frames for swing traders.

How to Get Started with Shizuka EA

To get started with Shizuka EA, simply download the EA for free. Follow the recommended settings or conduct backtests to find the configurations that best meet your trading objectives and risk tolerance. With Shizuka EA, stepping into the forex market is easier and more effective, enabling both new and seasoned traders to achieve their trading goals.


Shizuka EA offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly trading solution for forex traders aiming to leverage automated trading strategies. With the ability to customize and optimize, along with robust technical support and confirmation strategies, Shizuka EA stands out as a premier tool in forex trading. Download it for free today and transform your trading experience with one of the most powerful EAs on the market!

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