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MOHO TURBO EA Free Download

MOHO TURBO EA Free Download

Introduction to MOHO TURBO EA

In the dynamic world of Forex trading, the MOHO TURBO EA stands out as a premium, fully automated forex robot, which, despite its usual price tag of $188, is now available for free download. This sophisticated tool is engineered to optimize your trading strategy by leveraging advanced market data analyses from price action, trends, and key indicators such as CCI and PPO.

Key Features and Functionality

Multi-Pair Compatibility

MOHO TURBO EA is designed to operate seamlessly across five major Forex pairs. These include EURUSD, EURAUD, GBPAUD, GBPNZD, and GBPUSD, offering flexibility and broad market coverage. This feature ensures that traders can diversify their trading portfolios and enhance potential returns.

Optimized for M5 Time Frame

Although optimized for the M5 time frame, MOHO TURBO EA maintains versatility across various time frames, catering to different trading styles and strategies. This adaptability makes it an invaluable tool for both novice and experienced traders.

Automated Trading Strategy

The core strategy of MOHO TURBO EA revolves around trend analysis and price action, enabling it to open and close trades efficiently for profit. The automation aspect allows traders to sit back and observe as the EA makes calculated, timely trade decisions.

Recommended Trading Conditions

Account Management

For optimal performance and lower risk, it is recommended to start with a minimum account balance. For every $1,000 funded, a lot size of 0.01 is advised to maintain the drawdown below 20%. For larger accounts, such as a $2,000 fund, adjusting the lot size to 0.02 is recommended.

Understanding Trade Dynamics

Users should note that MOHO TURBO EA may open several trades that could temporarily show negative balances. However, this is part of its strategic operation to eventually close these positions with a profit or minimal loss.

Getting Started with MOHO TURBO EA

Initial Setup

Setting up MOHO TURBO EA is straightforward. A starting fund of $500 can be used for each 0.01 lot size, with an expected drawdown around 35%. This makes it accessible even for traders with limited initial capital.

Downloading and Installation

The EA can be easily downloaded and set up within your trading platform, ready to start automating your trading process right out of the box.


MOHO TURBO EA is a powerful tool for any trader aiming to automate their Forex trading strategy. With its ability to analyze and execute trades across multiple currency pairs and time frames, combined with a user-friendly setup and robust trading strategies, MOHO TURBO EA is an excellent choice for enhancing your trading portfolio. Download it for free today to start experiencing the benefits of automated Forex trading.

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