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Full & Semi Auto Forex EA Free Download

Introduction to Our Innovative Forex EA

In the ever-evolving world of Forex trading, automation has become a key player in achieving trading success. Our state-of-the-art Expert Advisor (EA) offers both full and semi-automatic trading options, free of charge, designed to enhance your trading strategy with precision and ease. Utilizing advanced analytics from multiple timeframes and oscillators, this EA is your go-to tool for optimized Forex trading.

Advanced Trading Algorithms for Optimal Entry

Our Forex EA stands out by analyzing readings from three distinct timeframes and four oscillators, alongside current volume data across various currencies. This powerful combination allows the EA to perform intricate calculations to pinpoint the most optimal entry points when operating in its default auto mode. Leveraging over 11 years of backtesting, the EA meticulously scans over 70 conditions to ensure reliable and profitable trading positions.

Dynamic Trade Management Features

Tailored Trade Adjustments

  • Adaptive Trade Distance: After reaching a user-defined lot size, the EA adjusts the distance between ongoing trades, enhancing trade management based on market conditions and your trading strategy.
  • Overlap Closing Mechanism: This unique feature begins once a specific lot size is reached, allowing the EA to close positions by overlapping a losing trade with a winning one, thus minimizing potential drawdowns.

Strategic Closing Options

To secure profits and manage risks, the EA employs three types of take profit (TP) strategies alongside two innovative systems to reduce drawdowns (DD). These mechanisms are finely tuned to close positions effectively, making sure that your trades align with both market dynamics and your financial goals.

Exclusive Hidden Strategies and Aggressive Trade Mode

Hidden Strategies for Risk Management

Beyond the standard inputs for TP, our EA includes a hidden strategy derived from historical data analysis. This strategy is specifically designed to sidestep potential negative trading scenarios, providing an additional layer of security for your investments.

Aggressive Trading Option

For traders looking to amplify their trading activity, the EA features an “Aggressive” mode. By default set to 1 (activated), this mode can be adjusted up to 1000 to deactivate, allowing traders to toggle based on their risk tolerance and trading objectives.

Recommended Usage and Best Practices

Starting Requirements and Currency Pair Recommendations

  • Minimum Account Balance: Ensure a starting balance of at least $1000 per currency pair.
  • Primary Currency Pair: It is crucial to use the EA predominantly on the GBPUSD chart for optimal performance.
  • Additional Pairs: Based on your account balance, expand your trading to include pairs like EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPCHF, GBPAUD, and potentially EURCAD or USDCAD.

Optimal Timeframes

While the EA is versatile enough to operate on any timeframe, it yields the best results on the M5 or M15 charts, providing frequent trading opportunities and allowing for detailed market analysis.


Embrace the future of Forex trading with our sophisticated and free Expert Advisor. Whether you’re looking to fully automate your trading process or require a reliable tool for semi-automatic trading, this EA provides all the necessary functionalities to improve your trading outcomes significantly. Start with our expertly designed EA and experience a new level of trading efficiency and profitability.

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