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Super Turbo Free Expert Advisor Free Download

Super Turbo Free Expert Advisor Free Download

The Super Turbo Expert Advisor (EA) is transforming the way traders engage with the Forex market. Offering a free download, this advanced trading robot is equipped with diversified strategies across ten different currency pairs, maximizing profitability and mitigating risk.

Diversification at the Core

The essence of the Super Turbo MT4’s approach lies in its broad diversification. By spreading investments across multiple currencies, the EA minimizes the negative impacts of fluctuations in any single market. This strategic spread not only enhances the potential for profits but also provides a cushion against market volatility.

Tailored Money Management for Every Trader

Understanding that every trader has unique needs and goals, the Super Turbo MT4 offers adjustable money management options. Whether opting for a fixed lot size or an automated lot-sizing strategy, traders can adjust their investment tactics to suit their risk tolerance and financial objectives.

Advanced Risk Management Features

Risk management is a priority with the Super Turbo EA. It safeguards investments with a consolidated stop-loss strategy for all trades, maintaining a safe lot size and protecting traders’ capitals from significant market swings. This feature is particularly crucial in navigating the unpredictable nature of Forex markets.

News Filter: A Strategic Advantage

The Super Turbo EA also includes an optional News Filter, enhancing its strategic capability. This tool pauses trading during major financial news releases, thus shielding investments from the sudden market shifts these events can cause. By avoiding trading during these critical periods, the EA further secures traders’ investments against unexpected volatility.

Who Can Benefit from Super Turbo EA?

  • Minimum Investment: A modest initial deposit of $200 is recommended.
  • Optimal Currency Pairs: Though it’s specially designed for pairs like AUDUSD, NZDUSD, and GBPUSD, it is versatile enough to operate across any currency pair.
  • Best Timeframe: Optimally runs on M15, but adaptable to any trading timeframe.


The Super Turbo Free Expert Advisor stands out as a sophisticated tool for traders aiming to leverage Forex trading to its fullest potential. With its comprehensive approach to diversification, customizable money management, and robust risk mitigation features, it’s designed to cater to traders at all levels of experience. Download it for free today to start optimizing your Forex trading strategy.

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