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Saviour Robot V8 Expert Advisor MT4 Free Download

Saviour Robot V8 Expert Advisor MT4 Free Download

Introduction to Saviour Robot V8 Expert Advisor

The Saviour Robot V8 stands out among Expert Advisors for MetaTrader 4, thanks to its distinct operational approach. This powerful tool incorporates three key trading indicators: Price Channel, Pivot, and Price Action. By utilizing these metrics, it offers a comprehensive and dynamic market analysis, setting it apart from conventional trading bots.

How Does Saviour Robot V8 Work?

Saviour V8 employs the grid method to maximize trading profits. This strategy involves opening multiple trades simultaneously to compensate for losses. While this can turn losing trades around, it also introduces a higher level of risk, including significant potential drawdowns. The method, however, isn’t intrinsically negative—it can effectively manage losses if applied wisely.

Balancing Risk and Reward

The grid trading strategy requires careful management to avoid substantial financial risks. Potential dangers include large drawdowns and the risk of depleting the trading account. The developers recommend a minimum starting deposit of $100. However, this amount may not sufficiently cushion the risks involved with the grid method. A safer approach would involve a higher deposit, perhaps around $1000 or using a $100 cent account, offering more leeway in managing trading losses.

Investment Strategies: Risky vs. Safe

For those willing to embrace risk for higher returns, starting with $100 might seem feasible. The Saviour Robot has shown potential to double such a deposit within 2-3 weeks. Nevertheless, this aggressive strategy comes with the risk of eventually depleting the funds. An advisable tactic for the more cautious trader would be to withdraw the initial deposit after doubling it, thereby mitigating potential losses.

Recommendations for Users

  • Risky Method: Start with $100 and withdraw your initial deposit after it doubles. This approach can quickly boost your account but includes the possibility of blowing your funds.
  • Safe Method: Opt for either a $1000 account or a $100 cent account to provide a more robust buffer against potential drawdowns.

Suitable Trading Pairs and Timeframes

The Saviour Robot V8 is versatile and can operate effectively across various currency pairs, including EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCHF, EURCHF, AUDCAD, and NZDUSD. It performs consistently across all timeframes, offering flexibility for different trading preferences.


The Saviour Robot V8 Expert Advisor for MT4 offers an advanced trading strategy that can potentially lead to high returns. However, it’s crucial for traders to assess their risk tolerance and choose an investment strategy accordingly. Whether you prefer the high-risk, high-reward approach or a more conservative strategy, Saviour Robot provides options to suit different trading styles and goals.

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