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Fibot Fibonacci EA Free Download

Fibot Fibonacci EA Free Download

Introduction to Fibot Fibonacci EA

Are you looking to elevate your trading strategy with cutting-edge technology? The Fibot Fibonacci EA, now available for free download, is your ultimate tool. This fully automated Fibonacci-based Expert Advisor (EA) offers high-frequency trading based on the renowned Fibonacci levels, transforming how you approach Forex trading.

Key Features of Fibot Fibonacci EA

Advanced Fibonacci Trading Mechanism

Fibot EA capitalizes on the Fibonacci sequence, particularly targeting the correctional level of 38.2 for entry points. This strategic approach ensures that trades are entered at optimal moments, enhancing the potential for profit.

Versatile Trading Options

Whether you prefer the conservative route with hard stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP) settings or the dynamic martingale system, Fibot EA caters to all. The EA is designed to manage a single trade at a time, maintaining clarity and focus in your trading strategy.

Comprehensive Customization

With over 60 adjustable settings, the Fibot Fibonacci EA allows for meticulous customization of your trading parameters. This flexibility ensures that the EA aligns perfectly with your trading goals and risk management preferences.

Optimal Operating Conditions

Technical Requirements

To maximize the effectiveness of the Fibot EA, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with quick response times and a broker offering low, preferably zero, spreads are recommended. These conditions are crucial as the EA performs frequent trades of 10-15 pips, typically concluding within one to two hours.

Currency and Time Frame Compatibility

The Fibot EA is highly adaptable, performing best on major currency pairs like EURUSD and GBPUSD. Although optimized for H1 and H4 time frames, it supports various settings to suit any currency pair and time frame, ensuring versatility across your Forex trading needs.

Risk Management and Profit Potential

Strategic Risk Considerations

While the EA occasionally uses the martingale system, which can increase risk, these settings can be adjusted or disabled to fit your risk tolerance. Your potential monthly profit with Fibot EA will depend on the lot size and risk values you set.

Recommended Trading Conditions

For optimal performance, a minimum account balance of $1,000 (or $10 in a cent account) for the H1 time frame, or $300 for the H4 time frame, is recommended. The EA can also operate effectively with a balance as low as $100.


The Fibot Fibonacci EA stands out as a robust, adaptable, and user-friendly trading tool. With its comprehensive customization options and advanced trading mechanisms, it promises to enhance your trading strategy, helping you navigate the Forex market more effectively. Download it for free today and experience a new level of trading precision and profitability.

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