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Assar Phoenix Elite Robot Free Download

Assar Phoenix Elite Robot Free Download

Discover the revolutionary features of the Assar Phoenix Elite Robot, an Expert Advisor designed for MT4 and developed by Assar Elite. This article provides a detailed overview of its capabilities, updates, and trading strategies.

Introduction to Assar Phoenix Elite Robot

The Assar Phoenix Elite Robot is a cutting-edge automated trading tool tailored for the MT4 platform, developed by the Assar Elite Developer group. Known for its profitability in trend following strategies, the robot incorporates sophisticated indicators and strategies researched and tested extensively over five years.

Key Features of the Robot

1. Based on “nanningbob’s Holy Grail Indicator”

The robot operates using the Holy Grail Indicator (HGI), facilitating effective trend detection and breakout or re-entry trading. This ensures high accuracy in trading signals.

2. Multi-Level Trading Strategies

Assar Phoenix Elite engages in various trading strategies:

  • Trend Trading: It identifies strong market trends indicated by large arrows; green for uptrends and red for downtrends.
  • Breakout and Trend Re-Entry Trading (RAD Trading): Small diagonal arrows signal potential breakouts or the resumption of a trend.
  • Wavy Line Trading: This involves placing pending trades based on the position of a blue wavy line, enhancing precision in entry points.

3. Combined Trading Techniques

The most potent trading signals arise from a combination of trend indicators and wavy lines, maximizing the potential for profitable trades.

Version Updates and Customization

The Assar Phoenix Elite 2022 version boasts improved features and a robust client base exceeding 300 users. Traders can choose from three versions of the EA, each tailored to different trading preferences and exit strategies. This customization allows users to trade multiple currency pairs and adjust settings based on their risk tolerance and trading objectives.

Tools and Utilities

The robot includes four advanced trade manager tools:

  • Assar Auto Trading Time Filter
  • Assar Elite Equity Target
  • Assar Equity Percentage Target
  • Assar Individual Trade Manager

These tools help manage trades more effectively, offering options like hidden trailing stops and take profit adjustments.

User Guidance and Recommendations

  • Minimum Account Balance: A standard account balance of $100 is recommended, although smaller accounts are also compatible.
  • Currency Pairs: Best results are observed with major currency pairs, although the EA works with any pair.
  • Trading Timeframes: Optimal performance on H1 and H4 timeframes.

Serial Key and Accessibility

Each copy of the Assar Phoenix Elite Robot comes with a unique serial key, ensuring secure access to its features. However, it is important to note that the EA does not support strategy testing on MT4’s built-in tester, emphasizing the need for live deployment.


The Assar Phoenix Elite Robot stands out as a sophisticated tool for forex traders aiming to enhance their trading accuracy and efficiency. With its customizable features and comprehensive trading strategies, it represents a significant advancement in automated forex trading technology. Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, the Assar Phoenix Elite Robot is designed to meet diverse trading needs and preferences, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to succeed in the forex market.

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