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Aria Scalper MT4 EA Free Download

Aria Scalper MT4 EA Free Download


Discover the groundbreaking Aria EA, a fully automated Scalper MT4 EA that’s yours to download for free. With an impressive track record boasting an average of 10% monthly account growth, Aria Expert Advisor is revolutionizing trading dynamics. This article delves into its prowess, focusing on its specialization in scalp-day trading within the GBPUSD currency pair on the M15 timeframe.

Aria EA: Unveiling Unique Features

  • Scalp-Day Trading: Dive into the world of rapid trade execution as Aria EA swiftly enters and exits positions, capitalizing on fleeting market movements. Its strategic approach ensures efficient utilization of small price differentials inherent in scalping.
  • Limited Positions: Mitigate risk effectively with Aria’s single-position policy, enabling traders to navigate markets prudently and steer clear of overexposure.
  • Safe Strategies: Bid farewell to risky trading methods as Aria EA refrains from employing hazardous techniques like martingale, grid, or hedge, safeguarding your investments.
  • Optimal Frequency: Experience the ideal balance between opportunity and ease with Aria’s 3-5 trades per day, offering consistent profit potential without constant monitoring.
  • Risk Management: Take charge of your trades with Aria’s built-in stop loss and take profit mechanisms, ensuring timely risk mitigation and profit realization.

Recommendations for Scalper MT4 EA

Ensure optimal performance with the following guidelines:

  • Account Balance: Start with a minimum of $100 account balance for 0.01 lots, setting a sturdy foundation for profitable trading.
  • Preferred Pair and Timeframe: Harness the full potential of Aria EA on the GBPUSD pair within the M15 timeframe, where liquidity and tight spreads foster optimal trading conditions.


In the realm of forex trading, Aria Scalper MT4 EA emerges as a game-changer, combining precision, safety, and profitability. Embrace its innovative features and unleash your trading prowess today. Download Aria EA for free and embark on a journey towards sustained financial growth.

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