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XBest EA – Most Rebranded Forex EA Free Download

xBest EA – Most Rebranded Forex EA Free Download

Introduction to xBest EA

xBest EA stands as a revolutionary open-source Expert Advisor (EA) in the Forex trading arena, renowned for its zero-cost availability and extensive customization options. Initially crafted by the innovative xJhamil and further enhanced by Rodolfo, this EA provides an unmatched opportunity for traders to tailor their strategies without financial constraints.

The Rising Popularity of Open Source Forex EAs

The allure of xBest EA lies in its open-source nature, allowing it to be freely modified and shared among the trading community. This accessibility has led to its wide adoption and various rebranded iterations such as Fxcoregold v9, GoldenOwl EA, Oracle 2.0 EA, and Passyourchallenge EA. Each version maintains the core functionalities while introducing unique modifications to cater to diverse trading preferences.

Core Functionalities of xBest EA

At its core, xBest EA operates on a dynamic buy or sell cycle triggered by specific signal indications. It employs a strategic approach by starting with a base lot and incrementally increasing the trade size. This process is complemented by a global take profit setting and the closure of all orders once the daily profit target is met. Notably, xBest EA incorporates advanced features like time filtering and hedging options after consecutive losses, enhancing its operational effectiveness.

Comprehensive Customization: Tailor xBest EA to Your Trading Style

1. Grid System:

Optimize your trading by setting multiple trades at various price levels, allowing you to capitalize on market fluctuations.

2. Martingale Strategy:

Double the trade size post-loss to potentially recover previous downturns through subsequent successful trades.

3. Profit Protection:

Implement a minimal profit close to safeguard your investments during volatile market conditions.

4. Trend Identification:

Utilize the Moving Average and HILO strategies to detect and follow market trends, enhancing decision accuracy.

5. Risk Management Tools:

From Trailing Stops to Break Even settings, xBest EA equips traders with numerous tools to manage risk effectively, ensuring a balanced approach to Forex trading.

6. Max Spread and News Filters:

These features prevent trades during high-spread periods and major news events, reducing unwanted exposure to market risks.


xBest EA revolutionizes Forex trading by combining robust functionality with unparalleled customization. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, xBest EA offers a versatile platform to adapt to any trading strategy, ensuring your trading journey is both successful and personal. With its rich feature set and the ability to modify the source code, xBest EA invites you to explore the realms of Forex trading with a tool designed to evolve with you.

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