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Adjustable MA Forex Expert Advisor Free Download

Adjustable MA Forex Expert Advisor Free Download

The Adjustable MA Forex Expert Advisor (EA) represents a highly customizable tool for traders who are interested in employing a moving average crossover strategy. This guide provides an in-depth overview of the EA’s features, back-testing results, and recommended settings to optimize your trading strategy.

Key Features of the Adjustable MA Forex EA

The Adjustable MA Forex EA is engineered for traders looking to refine the traditional two-moving-average (MA) cross strategy. It allows for extensive customization of MA periods and types. Key features include:

  • Customizable MA Periods: Adjust the periods for the two moving averages independently to suit your trading strategy.
  • Flexible MA Types: Choose from different MA calculation methods, including the default Exponential Moving Average (EMA).
  • Dynamic Entry and Exit: The EA opens positions at the MA crossover and exits at the next cross, ensuring dynamic trade management.
  • Risk Management Tools: Integrated stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing stop functionalities help manage risks effectively.

Performance and Back-Test Results

The Adjustable MA EA underwent rigorous back-testing on the EUR/USD M5 chart using MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Here’s what the six-year test revealed:

  • Profitability: The EA achieved approximately 12.2% profit.
  • Drawdown: A maximum drawdown of 12.6% was recorded, indicating a moderate risk.
  • Trade Volume: With 647 trades conducted, 56.41% were profitable.
  • Lot Size: The EA used a standard lot size of 0.1 during the test phase.

Despite these figures, the results suggest that the Adjustable MA EA might not be suitable for live trading without further optimization.

Configurable Parameters for Optimal Control

The Adjustable MA Forex EA offers a variety of adjustable parameters to fine-tune its operation:

  • MA Periods: Set Period_1 and Period_2 to control the MA periods.
  • MA Method: Choose your preferred MA calculation method (MA_Method).
  • Minimum Difference: Define the minimum difference (MinDiff) for a valid crossover.
  • Stop-Loss and Take-Profit: Configure these parameters to enhance risk management.
  • Trailing Stop: Optionally set a trailing stop to protect gains.
  • Money Management: Adjust lot sizes or enable a money management model to calculate position size based on account margin.

Considerations and Recommendations

While the Adjustable MA Forex EA offers flexibility and a range of features, it is crucial to approach its use with caution:

  • Back-Test Prudence: Given the modest performance in back-tests, it’s advisable to conduct further tests or start with a demo account.
  • Customization: Leverage the EA’s customizable settings to find the optimal setup for your trading style.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Regularly review and adjust the EA settings based on market conditions and performance.


The Adjustable MA Forex Expert Advisor provides a versatile framework for traders interested in exploring moving average strategies. With its customizable settings and comprehensive risk management tools, it offers potential for those willing to delve into its intricacies and fine-tune their trading approaches. Interested traders can download the EA and explore its functionalities to better suit their trading needs.

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