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Trend Scalper EA Free Download

Introduction to Trend Scalper EA

The Trend Scalper Expert Advisor (EA) is revolutionizing Forex trading, particularly with the GBPJPY currency pair. This expert guide explores the functionalities, trading strategies, and numerous benefits of incorporating the Trend Scalper EA into your trading strategy. Discover how this tool can become an indispensable part of your trading arsenal.

Key Features of Trend Scalper EA

Strategic Trade Limitations

To enhance risk management, Trend Scalper EA strategically limits the number of open trades to a maximum of four. This cautious approach helps maintain trading activities within a safe risk threshold, crucial during unpredictable market swings.

Comprehensive Risk Management with Stop Loss and Take Profit

The Trend Scalper EA is equipped with essential risk management features:

  • Take Profit (TP): The EA sets a maximum TP of 30 pips, enabling traders to secure profits once a price target is achieved.
  • Stop Loss (SL): In contrast, the EA enforces a maximum SL of 210 pips. This provides a significant safety net, minimizing potential losses if the market takes an unfavorable turn.

Advanced Trading Strategies Without High Risks

Unlike many other trading systems, Trend Scalper EA steers clear of high-risk strategies like the Martingale and grid systems. These strategies can magnify risks exponentially. Instead, the EA occasionally utilizes hedging—executing simultaneous buy and sell positions on the same currency pair—to balance risks and safeguard against significant market movements.

Why Choose Trend Scalper EA?

Optimal for GBPJPY and Versatile for Other Pairs

Though specifically optimized for the GBPJPY pair, the flexibility of the Trend Scalper EA allows it to perform effectively across various currency pairs. This versatility ensures that traders can adapt to different market conditions without switching tools.

Ideal for Different Time Frames

The Trend Scalper EA is designed to operate optimally on the M5 timeframe, yet its adaptable nature means it can also function effectively on other timeframes. This flexibility allows traders to tailor their strategies according to their time availability and trading preferences.

Getting Started with Trend Scalper EA

To begin your journey with Trend Scalper EA, a minimum account balance of $100 for a 0.01 lot size is recommended. This modest starting requirement makes it accessible for traders at various levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.


The Trend Scalper EA offers a robust solution for traders looking to enhance their Forex trading strategies. With advanced features like strategic trade limitation, risk management with TP and SL, and the avoidance of high-risk strategies, it stands out as a valuable tool for achieving trading success. Download your free copy of Trend Scalper EA today and transform your trading experience!

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