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IS White EA V2 MT4 Scalper Free Download

IS White EA V2 MT4 Scalper Free Download

Introduction to IS White EA V2

In the world of automated trading, finding a reliable and effective expert advisor (EA) can be a game-changer. The IS White EA V2 is a cutting-edge MT4 scalper that stands out due to its unique and experimental approach, ensuring promising results for traders. With a strong backtest record and a proven ability to deliver profits even on minimal deposits, this EA is swiftly gaining traction among forex enthusiasts.

Key Features and Enhancements of IS White EA V2

IS White EA V2 is not just another scalping tool; it’s a meticulously designed EA that thrives on short, powerful trades. Nearly 99% of its trades last less than one minute, making it an ideal choice for traders who favor quick, decisive market actions. The latest version boasts several enhancements that significantly improve its performance:

  • Slippage Protection: The new algorithm minimizes losses due to slippage, ensuring trades are executed at desirable prices.
  • Spread Sensitivity Reduction: It offers robust performance even in conditions of high spreads, enhancing its adaptability.
  • Enhanced Order Control: With improved control on orders executed within a single bar, the EA optimizes entry and exit points.
  • Advanced Loss Control Features: Through refined loss control mechanisms and an algorithm to minimize losses on false entries, the EA maintains a strict risk management discipline.
  • Prolonged Order Duration: The adjustment in order duration allows for a greater presence in the market, aiming to capture more profit opportunities.

Trading Strategy and Recommendations

The IS White EA V2 operates with a very short stop loss, ensuring that each trade is executed with precision and minimal exposure to risk. Notably, during a two-year backtesting period, the drawdown did not even reach 1%. This scalper avoids high-risk strategies like martingale or grid systems; instead, it focuses on safeguarding investments with a small, manageable stop loss.

To get the most out of the IS White EA V2, traders should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Minimum Account Balance: Ensure a starting balance of at least $100.
  • Optimal Currency Pairs: While the EA works on any pair, it performs best on XAUUSD (Gold) and EURUSD.
  • Recommended Time Frame: Use the M5 (5-minute) timeframe for optimal results.
  • Market Conditions Sensitivity: Be aware that the EA is sensitive to slippage, spread, and slow execution, thus requiring a stable and fast trading environment.


For traders looking to enhance their trading strategies with a reliable, efficient, and safe scalping EA, the IS White EA V2 presents an excellent choice. With its robust features and new enhancements tailored for the current market conditions, this EA not only protects your investments but also maximizes profitability. Dive into the world of professional scalping with IS White EA V2 and experience a new level of trading precision and profitability.

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