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Dax40 Index EA Free Download

Dax40 Index EA Free Download

Introduction to Dax40 Index EA

The Dax40 EA is a dynamic and robust Expert Advisor (EA) designed for the MT4 platform, specifically targeting the DE40 (also known as DAX40 or GER40) index. Renowned for its affordability in trading due to low spreads and minimal or no commissions, this EA is an essential tool for traders looking to capitalize on the DAX40 index movements. It operates on a unique set of proprietary indicators known as “angel factor/period,” visible in the input settings.

Key Features and Operation

Trading Hours and Strategy

Dax40 EA trades actively from 9 AM to 8 PM Frankfurt time, aligning with the DAX market hours. It monitors the index’s volatility and movement during these hours and initiates trades based on strong momentum, executing trades at the opening of the next bar.

Safe Trading Mechanisms

Unlike other EAs that may employ high-risk strategies like martingale or grid systems, Dax40 EA ensures safer trading by limiting its operation to 2-7 trades per week and avoids holding positions for extended durations. It employs a strict stop loss and take profit strategy, targeting 40-50 points per trade.

Innovative Recovery Function

A notable feature of the Dax40 EA is its recovery function, which strategically increases the lot size of subsequent trades post-loss, up to five levels, without resorting to a martingale approach. Traders can modify or disable this feature through input parameters to suit their risk management strategies.

Optimization and Compatibility

Flexible Lot Sizes and Drawdown Management

The Dax40 EA offers flexibility in managing trade sizes, either by fixed lots or an auto-lot system that adjusts based on pre-defined criteria. It maintains a low maximum drawdown percentage, making it suitable for smaller deposits.

Broker and Timeframe Compatibility

The EA functions optimally on M15, M30, and H1 timeframes but can be adjusted to work on other timeframes with some modifications to its input parameters. It is crucial to adjust the EA settings to match the broker’s GMT offset, especially during daylight saving changes, to ensure it operates during the correct market hours.

Trading Across Different Brokers

Margin requirements and the valuation of lot sizes in terms of points per dollar may vary across brokers, so traders should confirm these details to optimize their use of the Dax40 EA.


The Dax40 Index EA offers an innovative and low-risk approach to trading the DAX40 index on the MT4 platform. With its sophisticated features like the recovery function and safe trading protocols, it stands out as a preferred choice for traders aiming for consistent returns without high-risk strategies. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, the Dax40 EA is a versatile tool designed to enhance your trading efficacy.


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