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Rollover Miracle Greedy EA Free Download

Rollover Miracle Greedy EA Free Download

Introduction to Rollover Miracle Greedy EA

In the fast-paced world of Forex trading, finding tools that provide an edge is crucial. The Rollover Miracle Greedy EA stands out as a robust automated Forex Robot, designed to capitalize on periods of low volatility. This article explores the upgraded version of the Flex Beggar EA, showcasing its features, settings, and optimal trading strategies.

Simplified and Efficient Trading Strategy

The Rollover Miracle Greedy EA, with its aggressive yet precise trading approach, targets a few pips during low volatility times. The beauty of this robot lies in its simplicity. Users can easily start by dragging and dropping the EA onto their chart and adjusting the “forceSlPips” input parameter based on the currency pair. This parameter tuning is essential as it tailors the EA’s operation to the specific market conditions of each pair.

Safety and Performance

Unlike many other EAs that rely on high-risk trading strategies such as martingale or grid systems, the Rollover Miracle Greedy EA prioritizes safety. It avoids dangerous methods, opting instead to secure small pip gains during specific time zones known for lower volatility, such as the “morning scan.” This conservative approach results in minimal drawdown (DD) and quick profit generation, with the EA typically executing 1-3 trades per day. Occasionally, it may not trade for several days, depending on market conditions, which underscores its cautious strategy.

Diverse Currency Pair Compatibility

For traders aiming to maximize their reach, the Rollover Miracle Greedy EA supports an impressive array of 28 currency pairs. These include major and minor pairs such as AUDCAD, EURUSD, GBPJPY, and many more. The EA’s performance consistency across all pairs and timeframes adds a layer of flexibility and opportunity for users.

Optimal Settings for Maximum Results

Adjusting the “forceSlPips” input for various pairs is crucial. For instance:

  • AUDCAD – 80.0
  • EURUSD – 50.0
  • GBPJPY – 80.0

Moreover, to align with your broker’s timing, modifying the “servertime” input parameter is necessary, with options for US daylight saving time, European daylight saving time, and UTC.

Getting Started with Rollover Miracle Greedy EA

To effectively use the Rollover Miracle Greedy EA, a minimum account balance of $1000 is recommended if trading all 28 currency pairs, or $50 for a single pair. This financial preparation ensures that the EA operates within safe risk parameters while pursuing profitability.


The Rollover Miracle Greedy EA is an indispensable tool for traders looking to exploit low-volatility periods without risking large portions of their capital. By integrating this EA into your trading strategy, you can enjoy a more streamlined, profitable, and secure trading experience. Embrace the potential of automated trading and elevate your Forex trading journey with the Rollover Miracle Greedy EA.

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