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ORACLE EA 2.0 Automated Forex Robot Free Download

ORACLE EA 2.0 Automated Forex Robot Free Download

Introduction to ORACLE EA 2.0

The forex trading landscape is evolving with the introduction of ORACLE EA 2.0, a cutting-edge, fully automated forex robot now available for free download. Developed by professional traders Justin Ortiz and Chris Ramirez, ORACLE EA caters to the burgeoning demand for true passive trading solutions in the EA industry.

Key Features of ORACLE EA 2.0

ORACLE EA 2.0 distinguishes itself with a flexible trading strategy that primarily starts with a market order in counter-trend. Traders have the freedom to modify this to a trend-following approach or other strategies as per their preference. This high level of customization is possible because all settings are fully accessible, allowing users to optimize the robot to suit their unique trading style and requirements.

Strategy and Risk Management

One of the more daring aspects of ORACLE EA 2.0 is its occasional use of the martingale method, sometimes coupled with hedging strategies. This approach, while risky, contributes to the robot’s high return on investment (ROI). The profitability of ORACLE EA 2.0 varies with the lot size and risk value set by the trader, emphasizing the importance of a tailored trading strategy.

Long-Term Sustainability

Despite the inherent risks associated with the martingale strategy, the developers advocate for periodic withdrawals of investments to leverage the theory of probability in the trader’s favor. By withdrawing the initial investment early on, the strategy shifts from being risky to break-even and subsequently highly profitable.

Recommended Trading Conditions

  • Minimum Account Balance: The robot performs optimally with a minimum of $100 in a cent account, although it is capable of operating in accounts as small as $100 and as large as $500.
  • Optimal Currency Pairs: It works best with major pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, and indices like US30, XAUUSD, but is versatile enough to operate with any currency pair.
  • Preferred Time Frames: Designed to excel on M5 and H1 time frames, it adapts well to other time frames too.

Trading Strategy Insight

The core strategy with ORACLE EA 2.0 is to “profit fast and withdraw fast.” It is recommended to withdraw the deposit after it has doubled. This tactic not only secures profits but also minimizes exposure to losses, especially in volatile market conditions triggered by economic news.


ORACLE EA 2.0 offers a unique blend of flexibility, high ROI potential, and strategic risk management, making it an attractive option for both novice and experienced forex traders. With its no-cost accessibility and powerful features, ORACLE EA 2.0 is poised to become an essential tool in the arsenal of forex traders aiming for consistent profits with controlled risk.

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