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Gap Sniffer Pro Forex EA Free Download

Gap Sniffer Pro Forex EA Free Download

Introduction to Gap Sniffer Pro Forex EA

Forex trading is dynamic, and one tool that is setting the pace is the Gap Sniffer Pro Forex EA. This expert advisor is designed to leverage the common occurrence of market gaps closing, a phenomenon that happens in approximately 90% of cases. Utilizing a fully automated system, this trading robot not only promises consistent returns but also adapts to various trading styles with its customizable settings.

Harnessing the Power of Market Gaps

The core strategy of the Gap Sniffer Pro EA revolves around the detection and exploitation of market gaps. By identifying these gaps and strategically placing orders with take-profit targets at the extreme of the gap, this EA maximizes the potential for profits. This method hinges on the statistical likelihood that gaps will close, providing traders with an edge in their investment strategy.

Customizable Trading for Enhanced Performance

Flexibility is key in trading, and the Gap Sniffer Pro EA offers just that. Traders can adjust the settings to tailor the size and frequency of the trades based on their personal risk tolerance and trading preferences. For those new to this EA, it’s advisable to begin testing on a cent account to gauge performance before fully committing to larger investments.

Risk Management with the Gap Sniffer Pro

While the Gap Sniffer Pro Forex EA boasts high potential returns, it incorporates the martingale method in some of its strategies, which can increase risk levels. However, with strategic planning and periodic withdrawals, traders can effectively manage these risks. It is recommended to start with a minimum account balance of $1,000 for a medium risk approach or a $100 cent account for lower risk exposure.

Optimal Settings for Maximum Efficiency

The Gap Sniffer Pro EA performs best with currency pairs such as EURUSD and GBPUSD, and is optimized for the M1 timeframe, which allows for the highest frequency of trades. This setting ensures that traders can make the most out of every trading opportunity that arises from market gaps.


The Gap Sniffer Pro Forex EA is an innovative tool designed for traders who are looking to capitalize on the natural market phenomenon of gap closing. With customizable features and strategic risk management, it stands as a promising option for long-term investment strategies in the forex market. Whether you are new to trading or an experienced trader, the Gap Sniffer Pro Forex EA offers a sophisticated approach to maximizing your trading potential.

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