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EA for Passing FTMO and Other Prop Firms Free Download

EA for Passing FTMO and Other Prop Firms Free Download


For traders aiming to qualify for funding through renowned platforms like FTMO, finding the right tools is crucial. The latest Forex robot, an expert advisor (EA) designed specifically for passing such prop firms’ evaluations, is transforming how traders operate in the forex market. Retailing usually at $1500, this EA is now available for free download, making professional trading accessible for everyone.

Main Features of the EA

Fully Automated Trading System

This EA stands out with its fully automated capabilities, meaning it handles all trading operations without human intervention, allowing traders to focus on strategy and analysis rather than manual trading.

Optimized for FTMO and Other Funding Firms

Developed with the specific goal of passing the rigorous FTMO Challenge and other similar funding programs, this forex robot includes features tailored to meet and exceed the evaluation criteria set by these firms.

Advanced Risk Management

The forex robot incorporates sophisticated risk management protocols, including settings for daily maximum loss and profit, ensuring traders can operate within safe financial boundaries without compromising potential gains.

News Spike Trading

Another key feature is its ability to capitalize on news spikes, a strategy that can significantly enhance profitability by leveraging the volatility following major news announcements.

Safe Trading Strategies

Unlike many other EAs in the market, this one does not rely on risky strategies like Martingale or Grid. It’s designed for safe, long-term growth.

Why Choose This Forex Robot?

High Success Rate in Challenges

The potential of passing the FTMO Challenge and other similar tests is highly promising with this EA, as it is fine-tuned to meet the specific requirements and trading conditions stipulated by funding firms.

No Additional Costs

While normally priced at $1500, this EA is currently available for free. This offers a cost-effective solution for traders looking to enhance their trading strategies without a hefty initial investment.

Compatibility and Recommendations

The robot works best on the US100 (NASDAQ) but is versatile enough to operate on any currency pair. It is optimized for accounts with a minimum balance of $500 trading at 0.01 Lot, making it suitable for traders with various account sizes.

How to Get Started

Before applying this EA on a live account, it is highly recommended to test it on a demo account to witness the real results and fine-tune any settings specific to individual trading preferences.


This EA for passing FTMO and other prop firms provides an unparalleled opportunity for traders to automate their forex trading with a high chance of qualifying for professional funding. It combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, making it an invaluable tool for serious traders. Download it for free today and start your journey towards successful forex trading!.

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