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Breakout Master EA FREE Download

Breakout Master EA FREE Download

Discover the revolutionary Breakout Master EA, a cutting-edge fully automated trading robot tailored for the MT4 and MT5 platforms. Created by the experts at RoyalPrinceTrading, this EA leverages breakout trading strategies combined with dynamic lot sizing and an advanced loss recovery system to maximize your trading profitability. Let’s explore the core functionalities that make the Breakout Master EA an essential tool for traders.

Understanding Breakout Trading with Breakout Master EA

Breakout trading is a fundamental strategy used by a multitude of traders to take advantage of significant price movements beyond predefined thresholds. The Breakout Master EA enhances this strategy with specialized functions:

  • Spotting Breakouts: It utilizes the BullBreakout and BearBreakout functions to detect bullish and bearish breakouts respectively.
  • Ensuring Accuracy: The EA employs the AbnormalCandle function to distinguish genuine breakouts from false alarms, ensuring higher accuracy in trading.

Dynamic Lot Sizing for Optimized Trading

The Breakout Master EA features an intelligent dynamic lot sizing mechanism that adjusts trade volumes based on the capital and risk level of your account:

  • Core Calculation: At the heart of dynamic lot sizing is the CalcLotWithTP() function, which calculates the necessary trade volume to achieve set profit targets by integrating take profit, and start and end prices.
  • Market Adaptability: This function adjusts lot sizes according to the tick value of the trading symbol and the specified take profit, tailoring your investments to current market conditions.

Advanced Loss Recovery System

One of the standout features of the Breakout Master EA is its robust loss recovery mechanism:

  • Initiating Recovery: The EA begins its loss recovery process when a trade’s profit falls below a predetermined stop loss or exceeds the take profit level.
  • Adaptive Trading Adjustments: During the recovery phase, it modifies trading parameters to offset any incurred losses effectively.

Martingale Money Management Integration

Incorporating elements of the controversial Martingale strategy, the Breakout Master EA adjusts lot sizes during the recovery phase based on the value of TakeProfPoints and TP_Points_Multiplier:

  • Risk Considerations: While the Martingale strategy can enhance recovery potential, it comes with notable risks. Extensive backtesting and continuous monitoring are crucial for trading safely with this strategy.

Recommendations for Optimal Use of Breakout Master EA

For the best results with the Breakout Master EA, consider the following guidelines:

  • Minimum Account Balance: A balance of at least $1000 or an equivalent cent account is recommended.
  • Optimal Currency Pairs: The EA performs exceptionally on EURUSD and USDJPY but is compatible with any currency pair.
  • Preferred Timeframes: Works best on H1 but is also effective on lower timeframes, offering more frequent trading opportunities with higher risks.
  • Experimentation: Experiment with various capital amounts, currency pairs, and timeframes to find the best setup for your trading needs.


The Breakout Master EA represents a significant advancement in automated trading on the MT4 and MT5 platforms. With its sophisticated blend of breakout trading, dynamic lot sizing, and an advanced loss recovery system, it sets a new standard for efficiency and profitability in forex trading. Download your free copy today and transform your trading approach with the power of automation.

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