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Tik Combat Bot EA Free Download

Tik Combat Bot EA Free Download

Introduction to Tik Combat Bot EA

In the fast-paced world of Forex trading, finding tools that offer both efficiency and effectiveness is crucial. The Tik Combat Bot EA, a free-to-download MT4 Forex Bot, stands out as a promising option for traders looking to enhance their trading strategies. This article provides a detailed overview of the bot’s capabilities, strategies, and recommended settings.

Core Features and Strategies

Incorporating Advanced Trading Indicators

Tik Combat Bot EA employs a sophisticated blend of trading indicators including the stochastic oscillator and moving averages. The stochastic oscillator is a key tool for identifying potential price reversals by detecting overbought or oversold conditions. Meanwhile, moving averages help traders identify and follow market trends. This combination suggests that the Tik Combat Bot EA might be using a hybrid approach, integrating both trend-following and mean-reversion strategies to optimize trading outcomes.

Risk Management and Trading Features

A standout feature of the Tik Combat Bot is its comprehensive risk management system. The bot comes equipped with preset rules for stop loss (SL), take profit (TP), and trailing stop loss (TSL), which are designed to protect investments and maximize profits. The bot also supports a hedging strategy, enhancing its ability to manage risks associated with currency fluctuations. Notably, the bot avoids the use of riskier strategies such as martingale and grid trading, focusing instead on more stable trading tactics.

Trading Frequency and Duration

The Tik Combat Bot EA is programmed to execute between three to seven trades per day, with each trade potentially remaining open for one to two days. This moderate trading frequency is ideal for traders who prefer a balanced approach to frequency and exposure.

Additional Features

News Filter

Despite the mention of a ‘news filter’ by the developer, it appears this feature might not be fully integrated yet. When operational, this feature could significantly enhance the bot’s performance by avoiding trading during periods of high volatility triggered by major financial news.

Recommendations for Optimal Use

To get the most out of Tik Combat Bot EA, traders should consider:

  • A minimum account balance of $200.
  • Optimal performance on major pairs like EURUSD and XAUUSD, although it can work on any pair.
  • Best results are seen on timeframes such as M5, M15, and H1, though it is versatile enough to operate on other timeframes as well.


The Tik Combat Bot EA offers a robust solution for traders looking to leverage automated tools in their Forex trading strategy. With its sophisticated blend of indicators and risk management features, this bot provides a promising addition to any trader’s arsenal. As with any trading tool, potential users should ensure they understand how to integrate the bot into their specific trading strategies for optimal results.

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