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SebTRI Correlation Hedge Scalper EA Free Download

SebTRI Correlation Hedge Scalper EA Free Download

Introduction to SebTRI EA: A Game-Changer in Forex Trading

In the dynamic world of Forex trading, the SebTRI Correlation Hedge Scalper EA stands out as a revolutionary tool. Designed as a fully automated system, this Expert Advisor (EA) is now available for free download. It uniquely operates by scanning up to three currency pairs simultaneously, enhancing your trading efficiency and potential profits.

How Does SebTRI Correlation Hedge Scalper EA Work?

Multi-Currency Scalping Strategy

The core of SebTRI EA’s strategy is its ability to leverage the correlations between three different currency pairs. By executing trades when these pairs move in divergent directions, it capitalizes on the gaps, securing profits from the fluctuations across these currencies. This method not only maximizes profit opportunities but also spreads risk across multiple trades, making it a robust hedging strategy.

Optimized for Multiple Timeframes

Although the EA delivers optimal results on M5 (5-minute) and H1 (1-hour) timeframes, it is versatile enough to operate effectively across any timeframe. This flexibility ensures that traders of all styles can utilize SebTRI to its full potential, whether they prefer quick scalps or longer-term trades.

Technical Requirements and Recommendations

Minimum Account Balance

To effectively deploy the SebTRI EA, a minimum account balance of $500 is recommended. This balance allows the EA to perform its hedging operations across the three currency pairs without facing liquidity issues.

Simplified Trading Setup

One of the standout features of the SebTRI EA is its ease of setup. Traders need to install the EA on just one chart, preferably the EUR/USD. The EA automatically extends its operations to the other two pairs, simplifying the trading process and reducing the workload on the trader.

Limitations on MT4 Platform

It’s important to note that the MT4 platform does not support multi-currency backtests. Therefore, when backtesting the SebTRI EA, results will only reflect the performance on the single pair tested. However, even these single-pair tests often yield promising results, demonstrating the EA’s effectiveness.


The SebTRI Correlation Hedge Scalper EA offers a unique combination of automation, multi-currency trading, and scalability. With the ability to generate an estimated 5-10% in weekly profits, it’s an attractive option for traders looking to enhance their Forex trading strategies. Download it for free today and experience a new level of trading precision and profitability.

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