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RED FOX EA Free Download

RED FOX EA Free Download

RED FOX EA Free Download: A Comprehensive Review

Unlock the potential of the forex market with the RED FOX EA, a fully automated forex robot now available for free download. Originally priced at $266, RED FOX EA offers advanced trading algorithms designed by the creators of the acclaimed Promax Gold EA. This detailed review will explore the features, benefits, and user recommendations of RED FOX EA, making it easy for traders to understand why this forex robot is a significant tool for enhancing their trading strategy.

Key Features of RED FOX EA

RED FOX EA stands out in the forex trading software arena due to its customizable settings tailored to different risk tolerances:

  • Low Drawdown Settings: Experience stable growth with less than 9% drawdown per currency pair, maintaining overall drawdowns under 18%.
  • Aggressive Settings: Aim for higher profits with drawdowns below 15% per pair and total drawdowns under 38%.
  • Profit Potential: Monthly profits range from 10% to 28% on low drawdown settings and 17% to 48% on aggressive settings.
  • Smart Money Management: Features automatic lot sizing based on account balance.
  • News Filter: Avoids trading during major market events, enhancing safety.
  • 100% Non-Martingale Strategy: Ensures robust risk management by not doubling down on losing trades.
  • Spread Control: Optimizes trading times to avoid periods of high market volatility.

Recommendations for Optimal Use

To maximize the effectiveness of RED FOX EA, users should maintain a minimum balance of $1000 in a standard account. This forex robot is optimized for both low drawdown and aggressive trading strategies, suitable for the following currency pairs:


RED FOX EA is designed to perform best on short time frames such as M1 and M5 but is versatile enough to operate on any time frame, catering to a broad range of trading preferences.

Why Choose RED FOX EA?

With its comprehensive set of features geared towards minimizing risk while maximizing profit potential, RED FOX EA is an invaluable tool for forex traders aiming for consistent growth. The flexibility in trading settings allows both conservative and adventurous traders to find a mode that suits their trading style. By integrating advanced trading technologies such as a news filter and spread control, RED FOX EA provides a competitive edge in the fast-paced forex market.

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