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QUANTUM F3 EA Free Download

QUANTUM F3 EA Free Download

Introduction to QUANTUM F3 EA for MT4

The QUANTUM F3 EA stands out as a robust MT4 Expert Advisor, designed to enhance trading efficiency by executing approximately ten trades weekly across a diverse range of assets. This advanced tool is tailored for both novice and experienced traders, offering a strategic edge in the fast-paced trading environment.

Key Features and Performance Metrics

Efficient Trade Management:

QUANTUM F3 EA impressively maintains an average trade duration of just 2 hours, with the longest trade closing under a day. This rapid turnover rate ensures that traders can capitalize on market movements more effectively.

High Success Rate:

With a success rate exceeding 60%, this EA prioritizes winning trades. The strategy employed ensures that take profit levels exceed stop loss levels, fostering a practical and consistent trading approach.

Daily Growth:

Traders can expect a steady growth rate of 0.5 to 1 percent daily, making it an excellent tool for those looking to gradually increase their portfolio.

Safe and Profitable Trading

Low Capital Requirement:

Starting with a minimum account balance of just $100, QUANTUM F3 EA is accessible to traders with varying capital sizes.

News Time Trading:

Unlike many other EAs, QUANTUM F3 does not require a shutdown during news releases, thus allowing continuous trading and profit opportunities even during potentially volatile periods.

Risk Management:

This EA steers clear of high-risk trading strategies like martingale and grid systems, ensuring a safer trading environment.

Backtesting and Recommendations

Extensive Testing:

QUANTUM F3 EA has undergone rigorous backtesting with several months of data and passed multiple stress tests. It consistently demonstrates a favorable profit-to-drawdown ratio.

Optimal Currency Pairs and Timeframes:

Although it works across all currency pairs and commodities, it shows best results on AUDUSD, GBPUSD, EURUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, USDCHF, and XAUUSD. The recommended timeframes for optimal performance are H1 and M15.


QUANTUM F3 EA is a compelling choice for MT4 users seeking a reliable, safe, and efficient trading advisor. With its ability to perform well across multiple assets and conditions, coupled with a solid track record of backtesting, it stands as a valuable tool for enhancing trading performance. Start with a low initial investment and watch your trading potential unlock with QUANTUM F3 EA.

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