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Good Morning Ultimate EA Free Download

Good Morning Ultimate EA Free Download

Overview of Good Morning Ultimate EA

Good Morning Ultimate EA stands out as a dependable and efficient automated day trading expert advisor, which is freely available for download. This EA leverages a day trading strategy to achieve an impressive 5%-10% monthly account growth, offering traders a consistent and predictable revenue stream.

Key Features and Trading Strategy

The Good Morning Ultimate EA is specifically designed for those who prefer a safe and calculated approach to trading. It avoids high-risk strategies such as martingale and grid systems. Instead, every trade is safeguarded with Stop Loss and Take Profit settings, ensuring that each transaction is protected. The EA typically executes only 1-2 trades per week, focusing on quality over quantity.

Customizable Trading Hours

One of the unique features of this EA is its adaptability to different trading times, which can be customized in the settings. This feature allows traders to align the trading activities with the most favorable market hours.

Risk Management

Good Morning Ultimate EA maintains a rigorous risk management protocol by not trading on Monday mornings and avoiding holding positions over the weekend. This strategy minimizes exposure to market gaps and other off-market risks.

Backtesting and Performance

The EA has undergone extensive backtesting using several months of data and has successfully passed numerous stress tests. The results demonstrate a favorable profit to drawdown ratio, indicating robust performance and reliability. Developers have optimized the EA out of the box, which means it’s ready to use immediately after download, although customization options are available for advanced users.

Recommendations for Optimal Use

To use Good Morning Ultimate EA effectively, a minimum account balance of $100 is advisable for trading at 0.01 lot. If your deposit is around $1000, you can comfortably trade at 0.1 lot per currency pair. It is recommended to run the EA on multiple JPY currency pairs, including USDJPY, GBPJPY, EURJPY, NZDJPY, and AUDJPY, to achieve the best results. The EA works optimally on the M5 timeframe.


For traders seeking a robust and low-risk solution for automated day trading, Good Morning Ultimate EA offers a promising option. It combines advanced trading algorithms with strict risk management protocols, ensuring that your trading journey is both profitable and secure. Download Good Morning Ultimate EA today and take your trading to the next level.

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