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FX Hunter v9G Expert Advisor Free Download

FX Hunter v9G Expert Advisor Free Download

Introduction to FX Hunter v9G EA

Unlock the potential of the Forex market with the FX Hunter v9G Expert Advisor (EA), a powerful, grid-based forex robot now available for free download. Designed to operate under the principle of “buy low, sell high,” this fully automated EA helps you navigate the complex forex market with ease.

How FX Hunter v9G EA Works

FX Hunter v9G EA utilizes built-in indicators to signal trading opportunities, initiating trades to capitalize on market conditions. However, it’s crucial to note that the forex market’s high liquidity does not guarantee that prices will always move in the anticipated direction.

Strategy and Trade Management

The EA manages trades using a sophisticated martingale method if the initial entry is not precise. It organizes open orders into baskets, closing them once the take-profit level is reached, ensuring that profits are secured efficiently.

No Scalping or Short-term Trading

FX Hunter v9G does not engage in scalping or short-term trading. Instead, it adds orders to the basket through market orders, and in certain scenarios, utilizes Buy-Stop/Sell-Stop orders to address price gaps, optimizing the basket geometry regardless of market conditions.

High ROI with Considerations

The EA trades multiple orders in the same direction with varying sizes, using a mix of martingale and hedging strategies. This approach offers a high return on investment (ROI), but it’s essential to maintain an adequate deposit to avoid the high risk of account depletion.

Risk Management Features

FX Hunter v9G includes various risk management options to protect your account and tailor trading risks to your personal style and preferences. This is crucial for long-term sustainability, especially when employing high-risk strategies.

Usage Recommendations

To maximize effectiveness and manage risks, it’s recommended to use the EA with a minimum account balance based on your trading mode:

  • Safe Mode: $5000 or $50 for cent accounts
  • Normal Mode: $3000 or $30 for cent accounts
  • Aggressive Mode: $2000 or $20 for cent accounts

Best Trading Conditions

  • Optimal Currency Pairs: EURUSD and GBPUSD (flexible for other pairs)
  • Best Time Frame: M5 (suitable for any time frame)

Additional Tips

Be vigilant during volatile market periods, such as economic news releases, and consider closing trades to protect your investment.


The FX Hunter v9G EA offers an exciting opportunity for experienced traders to enhance their forex trading strategies. With its advanced grid and martingale methodologies, coupled with robust risk management options, this EA can significantly boost your trading performance. Download it for free today and start maximizing your forex profits safely and efficiently.

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