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Forex Armor Safe MT4 EA Free Download

Forex Armor Safe MT4 EA Free Download

Introduction to Forex Armor Safe MT4 EA

Forex Armor Safe MT4 EA is an advanced trading robot designed to optimize forex trading on MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Originally priced at $649, this fully automated Expert Advisor (EA) has now become accessible for free. It focuses on price action and is best suited for higher timeframes, ensuring limited but strategic trading, averaging 1 to 3 trades per week.

Key Features and Trading Strategy

Forex Armor Safe MT4 EA leverages a unique combination of Double OsMA indicators and price action signals to dictate its trading strategy. Unlike many EAs that rely on risky strategies, Forex Armor employs a safe and intelligent averaging strategy without the use of martingale techniques. It incorporates a grid method, but restricts it to a maximum of five simultaneous trades, adjustable via input parameters.

The EA’s operation on the market is notably brief, typically ranging from one to three days, minimizing exposure and potentially reducing risk. This first version is tailored for traders who prioritize safety and consistent performance over high-frequency trading.

Optimal Conditions and Recommendations

To maximize the effectiveness of the Forex Armor Safe MT4 EA, it is recommended to maintain a minimum account balance starting from $100 for a riskier approach, $300 for a standard setup, and $500 for the safest trading experience. The EA performs best on major currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, and GBP/USD but is versatile enough to operate on any currency pair. Preferred timeframes for optimal results are one hour (H1) and four hours (H4).


Forex Armor Safe MT4 EA stands out in the realm of automated forex trading by offering a robust and secure approach to navigating the forex markets. With its strategic use of price action and a controlled grid method, it ensures that trading is both conservative and effective. Traders looking for a reliable and low-frequency trading solution on MT4 can greatly benefit from this free EA, which balances performance and risk management proficiently.

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