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IS Black Forex Robot Free Download

IS Black Forex Robot Free Download

The forex trading scene is continuously evolving with the introduction of advanced tools that simplify and potentially increase the profitability of trading activities. One such tool that has been gaining attention is the IS Black FREE Forex Robot, primarily designed for trading Gold (XAUUSD). Typically sold for $380, this automated forex robot is now available for free, offering a significant opportunity for traders.

What is IS Black FREE Forex Robot?

IS Black FREE Forex Robot is an automated trading system that focuses on the Gold market. It is engineered to operate on the MetaTrader 4 platform and specializes in the XAUUSD pair. The robot utilizes a grid trading strategy, which, while considered risky by some, has shown impressive results in real-time trading scenarios.

Impressive Performance Metrics

The developer of IS Black FREE Forex Robot proudly showcases a real account monitored on myfxbook, which reported a remarkable 193% account growth within almost one week. This growth was achieved with a maximum drawdown of just 2% from a $6000 deposit, highlighting the robot’s efficiency and risk management capabilities. However, potential users should note that the robot might not trade every day, as it can go 1-5 days without any trading activity.

Key Features and Recommendations

  • Exclusive Focus on Gold: The robot is optimized for trading the Gold (XAUUSD) pair, ensuring specialized performance in this commodity.
  • Timeframe Compatibility: It works best on M1 or M5 timeframes, with the M1 timeframe recommended for very aggressive trading strategies.
  • Account Requirements: A minimum standard account balance of $2000 or an equivalent cent account is recommended to start trading with this robot.
  • Market Sensitivity: Users are advised to monitor volatile markets closely and may need to manually close trades to manage risks effectively.


The IS Black FREE Forex Robot presents a lucrative option for traders looking to automate their trading strategies, particularly in the Gold market. With its robust performance and low-risk grid method, it offers a promising tool for both novice and experienced traders. However, as with any trading strategy, it is crucial to understand the risks associated with automated trading systems, especially those using grid methods. Traders should consider their risk tolerance and trading objectives before employing such a robot in their trading arsenal.

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