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Epignosis MetaTrader 5 Robot FREE Download

Epignosis MetaTrader 5 Robot FREE Download

Introduction to Epignosis MetaTrader 5 Robot

Discover the power of automated trading with the Epignosis MetaTrader 5 Robot, a sophisticated trading bot designed for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. This fully automated system capitalizes on significant market movements across various asset classes, including indices like NASDAQ 100 (NAS100), S&P 500, DAX 40, and UK100. It’s also highly effective with major currency pairs and commodities such as Gold and Oil.

Inspired by a Trading Legend

The Epignosis Robot channels the trading strategies of Caleb Phiri, known for his remarkable success in Forex and Nasdaq trading. While he is famously dubbed as the “Forex Nasdaq Billionaire CEO” on social media, it’s essential to understand that this label is part of the promotional narrative.

Operational Dynamics of the Epignosis Robot

The Epignosis EA is not just any trading robot; it operates based on the specific timing of market sessions, known for heightened volatility and potential gains:

  • Time-Specific Operation: It performs best during the opening hours of markets, particularly when trading instruments like the US100, noted for rapid movements at 15:30 GMT+2.
  • Strategy Execution: The robot employs precise pip measurements for setting sell and buy stops, complemented with defined take profit levels and stop losses, enhancing the success rate of each trade.
  • Risk Management: Unlike many other trading bots, Epignosis avoids high-risk strategies like martingale or grid systems. It uses pending orders to manage trades, ensuring minimal losses and protected gains.

Key Features and Recommendations

Minimal Investment: Start with a minimum account balance of $100.
Versatility: Works effectively across all major timeframes and is compatible with various global indices and commodities.
Risk-Reward Optimization: Maintains a healthy risk-reward ratio of 1:3, aiming to maximize returns and minimize potential losses.

Setting Up Your Epignosis Robot

Proper configuration is crucial to leveraging the full capabilities of the Epignosis Robot:

  • Adjust Time Settings: Set the opening session and candle close times based on the asset’s economy (US, Australian/New Zealand, Japanese/Asian, European) and your broker’s time zone.
  • Market-Specific Settings: For example, if trading assets tied to the US economy, adjust the opening session to 13:30 (GMT +0) and the candle close time to 13:29 (GMT +0).


The Epignosis MetaTrader 5 Robot offers traders a robust tool for enhancing their trading strategies without constant monitoring. By automating the trading process, it allows traders to exploit market volatilities with precision and control. Whether you’re trading indices, currencies, or commodities, the Epignosis Robot could be your key to a more efficient and potentially profitable trading experience.

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