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Breakout Scalping Robot MT4 Free Download

Breakout Scalping Robot MT4 Free Download


Discover the ultimate tool for Forex traders—the Breakout Scalping Robot for MT4, available now for free download. This expert advisor (EA) harnesses a robust scalping breakout strategy to optimize your trading sessions, ensuring minimal risk and maximum profitability.

Efficient Trading Strategy

The Breakout Scalping Robot EA operates by targeting breakouts from relative highs and lows. This method focuses on trading the breakout either above or below predetermined levels, using stop orders for the fastest execution possible. Each trade is carefully secured through an aggressive trailing stop, which helps lock in profits while safeguarding your investments.

Optimal Trading Conditions

To fully leverage the efficiency of the Breakout Scalping Robot, it is essential to operate with a low spread and commission broker. Since the strategy capitalizes on small average profits per trade, the impact of trading costs becomes significantly critical.

Safe and Conservative Trading

One of the standout features of this EA is its avoidance of high-risk trading methods such as martingale or grid systems. It executes an average of 1-3 trades per day and is designed to open only one trade at a time. This conservative approach ensures that each transaction is protected with a small stop loss and a take profit setting, minimizing potential drawdowns.

Adaptive Lot Sizes and Trade Management

The Breakout Scalping Robot offers flexibility in trade management. It can trade with a fixed lot size or automatically adjust the transaction size based on specified criteria. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing trade volumes and maximizing account growth potential.

User Recommendations

For optimal performance with the Breakout Scalping Robot:

  • Maintain a minimum account balance of $100.
  • Ideal currency pairs include EURUSD and USDJPY, although the EA functions well across all pairs.
  • Effective across all time frames.
  • Be mindful of factors like slippage, spread, and execution speed, as the EA is sensitive to these elements.


The Breakout Scalping Robot for MT4 redefines the boundaries of automated trading. With its sophisticated breakout strategy and conservative trade management, it stands out as a reliable choice for traders aiming to enhance their trading efficiency. Download your free copy today and experience the difference in your trading performance!

This Forex robot performs well only with the following Low Spread Forex broker, which is not restricted in your country. (open Ultra Low Standard account) and test it.

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