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AUDNZD Otaku EA Free Download

AUDNZD Otaku EA Free Download

Introduction to AUDNZD Otaku EA

Discover the AUDNZD Otaku EA, a dynamic automated scalping forex robot that is now available for free download. Designed specifically for the AUDNZD currency pair, this expert advisor promises to enhance your trading strategy by employing a sophisticated scalping and intraday trading approach.

Key Features of AUDNZD Otaku EA

The AUDNZD Otaku EA stands out in the forex market for its cautious yet effective trading strategies. Unlike other robots, it steers clear of high-risk methods like Martingale, hedging, and grid systems. Instead, it focuses on securing trading with a predefined Stop Loss, ensuring that all transactions are safeguarded against unexpected market movements.

Scalping and Intraday Trading

This EA is proficient in both scalping and intraday trading, capable of executing 5 to 10 trades per week. It is designed to perform consistently, sometimes going days without trading to wait for the most favorable market conditions. Notably, the EA limits its open trades to no more than two in the same direction at any given time, minimizing risk and enhancing management of ongoing trades.

Dual Version Advantage

The AUDNZD Otaku EA is available in two versions, V100 and V300. While individual performance of each version might not be overly impressive, using them concurrently has proven to significantly increase profitability. This synergistic effect highlights the unique algorithmic design that allows both versions to complement each other effectively.

Optimal Trading Conditions

For optimal results, it is recommended to start with a minimum account balance of $20 for a 0.01 lot size. Although specially optimized for the AUDNZD pair, the EA can adapt to other currency pairs and works best on M5 timeframes. For traders looking to maximize their returns, running both versions of the EA simultaneously is advisable.


The AUDNZD Otaku EA is a powerful tool for traders who seek a reliable and effective solution to navigate the forex market. Its design prioritizes safety and strategic trading, making it an excellent choice for both new and experienced traders. Download it for free today to start enhancing your trading performance with a tool built for success.

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