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SMART MACHINE Best Forex EA Free Download

SMART MACHINE Best Forex EA Free Download

Forex trading has evolved significantly with the advent of advanced trading algorithms. One standout example is the SMART MACHINE EA, a fully automated expert advisor (EA) that’s freely available for download. Boasting an impressive track record, this EA has achieved nearly 1000% growth over five years, with live account results verified by Myfxbook since April 2018.


The SMART MACHINE EA leverages Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) to make its first trade based on precise market signals. Following a successful trade, the EA will initiate another, maintaining this strategy continuously. Conversely, if a trade does not go as planned, the EA employs a profit exit algorithm, which includes strategies like averaging and Martingale (optional via Input Parameters) to manage the trade.

Risk and Return: A Delicate Balance

While the SMART MACHINE EA uses aggressive strategies such as Martingale, which can significantly increase the return on investment (ROI), it also poses risks. The potential of depleting your account is high unless there is a substantial deposit. However, the EA includes several risk management options to tailor trading risks to your preference and safeguard your account.

Long-Term Strategy and Recommendations

Using the SMART MACHINE EA over an extended period can be risky, but with strategic withdrawals and investment management, it can prove profitable. The EA turns a potentially risky Martingale strategy into a break-even and then profitable approach once the initial investment is recouped.

To optimize performance, a minimum of $100 in a cent account or an equivalent standard account is recommended. The EA performs best on the EURUSD currency pair and the M5 timeframe, although it is versatile enough to operate on any currency pair or timeframe.


For traders looking for an advanced, robust, and free Forex EA, the SMART MACHINE EA offers an excellent choice. It combines sophisticated analysis methods with flexible risk management options, making it suitable for various trading styles and preferences. Downloading this EA could be the first step towards potentially lucrative Forex trading.

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