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Smart Correlation Hedge EA Free Download

Smart Correlation Hedge EA Free Download

Discover the power of automated trading with the Smart Correlation Hedge EA, a top-tier, fully automated Correlation Hedge Expert Advisor (EA) designed for MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Ideal for traders of all levels, this EA leverages the advanced correlation trading method to optimize your forex trading strategies, available as a free download.

Harness the Benefits of Correlation Trading

The Smart Correlation Hedge EA operates by hedging orders between two highly correlated instruments. This strategy ensures that regardless of market direction, potential losses in one instrument are offset by gains in another, minimizing risk and enhancing potential returns. This method works seamlessly under various market conditions, providing a robust trading tool for your portfolio.

Innovative Trading Features

This EA stands out by opening positions when there is a deviation in the exchange rate from the general trend and closes them as they realign, capitalizing on temporary inefficiencies. It supports trading on multiple instruments simultaneously, increasing your chances of profitable trades with reduced exposure to risk.

Key Advantages of Smart Correlation Hedge EA

Fully Automated Trading

Operate your forex trading on autopilot with a system that adjusts to market dynamics and positions you for potential gains without continuous monitoring.

Manual Interaction Capability

While the EA automates trading, it also offers a dashboard for manual interventions, giving you flexibility in your trading strategy.

Optimal Settings for Various Conditions

The EA comes pre-configured with settings optimized for specific currency pairs like AUDCAD-NZDUSD, EURUSD-GBPUSD, and exotic combinations including GOLD-SILVER, ensuring tailored strategies for different market scenarios.

No Multi-Currency Backtesting Limitation

Due to the multi-currency trading strategy, backtesting on MT4 isn’t supported. However, this real-time operation ensures the EA’s strategies are tested in live market conditions, reflecting more accurate and reliable performance.

Getting Started with Smart Correlation Hedge EA

To effectively use the Smart Correlation Hedge EA, a minimum account balance of $100 is recommended. It performs best on M5 and H1 timeframes but is versatile across various timeframes to suit different trading styles.


The Smart Correlation Hedge EA MT4 offers a sophisticated, risk-managed trading approach for forex traders looking to capitalize on market efficiencies through automated and manual trading capabilities. With its advanced correlation strategies and user-friendly interface, it stands as a valuable tool for enhancing trading performance. Download it for free and experience a refined trading edge.

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