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Naragot Portfolio – MT4 Multi-Currency Free Download

Naragot Portfolio – MT4 Multi-Currency Free Download

Introduction to Naragot Portfolio EA

The Naragot Portfolio Expert Advisor (EA) represents a breakthrough in automated trading on the MT4 platform. As a free-to-download, multi-currency trading system, it follows a methodical approach based on the principles of volatility breakout and resistance level breakouts. This article delves deep into the functionality and strategic prowess of the Naragot Portfolio EA, highlighting its position as a trusted tool for professional Forex traders.

Unique Trading Approach

Unlike typical Expert Advisors, the Naragot Portfolio EA distinguishes itself with a selective trading strategy. It does not engage in daily trades or guarantee weekly profits. Instead, it mirrors the trading habits of seasoned professionals — making trades are infrequent but highly precise. This strategy is particularly effective in capitalizing on significant trending movements, which, while rare, offer substantial profit opportunities when they occur.

Core Strategies and Recommendations

The Naragot Portfolio EA is built around seven distinct strategies, each meticulously selected from a wide array of successful approaches. These strategies are robust, avoiding common pitfalls like over-optimization or reliance on curve-fitting. The EA’s effectiveness extends across various popular trading instruments, offering versatility to its users.

Key Recommendations for Users:

  • Minimum Account Balance: A minimum of $1000 is recommended to begin trading.
  • Setup: The EA requires a single-chart setup and is ideally attached to the EURUSD pair, though it operates across multiple pairs.
  • Optimal Timeframe: The EA performs best on the M1 timeframe.

Limitations in Backtesting

It’s important to note that while MT4 is a powerful platform, it does not support multi-currency backtests. Users conducting backtests on the Naragot Portfolio EA will only see results from the specific pair they test, which could limit the understanding of its overall efficacy across multiple currencies.


The Naragot Portfolio EA is an advanced, free tool designed for traders who seek a sophisticated, yet reliable approach to Forex trading on the MT4 platform. Its unique strategy and robust design make it an excellent choice for traders aiming to capitalize on the forex market’s more substantial movements.

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