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Hunting Cat Scalper EA free Download

Hunting Cat Scalper EA free Download

Introduction to Hunting Cat Scalper EA

The Hunting Cat Scalper EA stands out as a prominent free tool for automated forex trading, specifically tailored for the MetaTrader 4 platform. It is designed to operate mainly on the USDJPY currency pair, leveraging advanced algorithms to pinpoint and trade breakout levels within distinct price patterns.

Key Features of Hunting Cat Scalper EA

Advanced Breakout Identification

At the core of Hunting Cat Scalper EA is a sophisticated algorithm that meticulously identifies potential breakout points. This feature is especially effective in detecting specific price patterns, enabling the EA to execute trades that capitalize on these opportunities.

Optimized for Quality Trading

The unique coding logic of the Hunting Cat Scalper EA ensures minimal compromise on trading quality, even in environments with high network latency. This optimization makes it a reliable tool in various trading conditions.

Risk Management Strategies

Unlike many other trading bots that rely on high-risk strategies like grid or martingale, Hunting Cat Scalper EA employs stringent stop-loss orders on every trade to safeguard investments. However, it is noted that under certain conditions, the EA might use a martingale strategy, potentially increasing both the risk and the return on investment.

Profit and Risk Potential

Hunting Cat Scalper EA can be particularly risky as it sometimes uses the martingale method and even hedging strategies. While these methods can offer high returns on investment, they also increase the likelihood of significant losses. The EA’s performance and the profits you can expect are heavily dependent on the lot size and the risk settings you choose.

Practical Recommendations for Users

To safely utilize Hunting Cat Scalper EA, it is recommended to start with a minimum account balance of $250 or a $100 cent account for lower risk exposure. Given the EA’s capacity to quickly double a $100 account, users are advised to frequently withdraw profits to protect their initial investment. The EA performs best on major currency pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, and USDCAD, and is optimized for the M30 time frame, although it can work on any time frame.

Strategy for Optimal Use

The strategic approach recommended for Hunting Cat Scalper EA users is to profit quickly and withdraw earnings promptly. This method not only secures profits but also minimizes risks associated with its aggressive trading strategy. Users should also monitor market conditions, particularly during volatile periods or economic news releases, and manually intervene by turning off the EA and closing all trades if necessary.


Hunting Cat Scalaper EA offers an advanced, automated solution for forex traders looking to leverage breakout trading strategies. While it comes with its risks, particularly due to the martingale method, strategic management and periodic withdrawals can turn it into a profitable tool for experienced traders. Download it for free today to start optimizing your forex trading strategies!

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