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Forex Trade Copier MT4 MT5 Free Download

Forex Trade Copier MT4 MT5 Free Download

Harness the Power of Advanced Trade Copying Technology

Forex trading has been revolutionized with the advent of automated tools that streamline processes and enhance efficiency. The Forex Trade Copier for MT4 and MT5 platforms exemplifies such innovation by offering a robust mechanism to duplicate forex trades, positions, and orders seamlessly from any account to another. Whether transferring between MT4 to MT5, multiple accounts, or even from a demo to a live account, this tool ensures accurate and swift execution.

Key Features of the Forex Trade Copier

Versatile Copying Capabilities

  • Multi-Platform Support: Enables copying between MT4 to MT4, MT5 to MT5, and cross-platform from MT4 to MT5 or vice versa.
  • Multiple Account Management: Facilitates operations from multiple master accounts to a single client account, one master account to multiple client accounts, and even multiple master accounts to multiple client accounts.

Customized Trade Selection

  • Selective Trade Execution: Offers choices to copy trades based on specific criteria like magic number, symbol, or trade type.
  • Profit and Loss Selection: Allows copying of only profitable or losing trades as per your strategic needs.
  • Inverted Copying Options: Provides an inverted copying feature where trades are reversed, potentially useful for hedging strategies.

Enhanced Control and Flexibility

  • Custom Lot Sizes: Trades can be copied with a custom lot, a coefficient of the master account’s lot, or matched to the risk level of the master account.
  • Virtual Stops: Operates without stop levels, with the option to close trades based on the activity in the master account.
  • Support for Suffixes: Compatible with symbols that include suffixes, broadening the scope of tradable assets.


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