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Assar Phoenix Infinity EA Free Download

Assar Phoenix Infinity EA Free Download

Introduction to Assar Phoenix Infinity EA

The Assar Phoenix Infinity EA is a state-of-the-art automated trading system designed for the MT4 platform. Developed by the seasoned Forex Assar EA Developer, this robot is engineered to address common trading challenges such as premature entries and exits, setting it apart from the Assar Phoenix Elite Robot. With enhanced volatility filters and refined pending orders, the Assar Phoenix Infinity EA is tailored for dynamic trading efficiency.

Key Features and Enhancements

Advanced Hedging Strategies

Unlike its predecessor, this improved version incorporates full hedging strategies, similar to the Hedged Infused Assar Phoenix Elite Robot. However, it uniquely uses a basket profit method rather than relying solely on exit signals for profit-taking. This allows traders to set profit targets in dollars or pips, optimizing earnings potential.

Optimized Trade Management

The Assar Phoenix Infinity EA introduces a sophisticated trade management system that can be used in conjunction with the new EA. This includes exit signals and enhanced hedging capabilities to bolster trading strategies. Traders can open pending trades with each signal, aligning with the trend direction, and customize the number of concurrent trades, up to a maximum of 1000, to manage risk effectively.

Precision in Trade Execution

The EA’s pending order system has been overhauled to avoid setting orders too close to the current price, thereby reducing execution risk. Orders are now placed 20 pips away at the *.20 price level, allowing traders to engage at more favorable price points and enhancing entry accuracy based on market supply and demand dynamics.

Integrating Nanningbob’s Holy Grail Indicator

Assar Phoenix Infinity also integrates the “nanningbob’s Holy Grail Indicator” (HGI), which offers five distinct trading methods to adapt to various market conditions:

  • Trend Trading: Utilizes large arrows to signify strong trends.
  • Breakout or Trend Re-Entry (RAD) Trading: Identified by small diagonal arrows, indicating potential breakouts or trend continuations.
  • Multi-Level Trend and RAD Trades: Combines trend signals with structured buy-stop orders at strategic levels for layered profit opportunities.
  • Wavy Line Trading: Involves trading based on the appearance of a blue wavy line at each 20 level.
  • Combined Trend and Wavy Line Trading: This potent combination uses both visual signals to pinpoint the most robust trading opportunities.

Comprehensive Trade Management Tools

The robot includes four advanced trade management tools to enhance trading precision and protect earnings:

  • Assar Auto Trading Time Filter
  • Assar Elite Equity Target
  • Assar Equity Percentage Target
  • Assar Individual Trade Manager (features hidden trailing stops and take profit options)

Recommended Trading Conditions

  • Minimum Account Balance: $100 (standard account)
  • Optimal Currency Pairs: Major pairs, but effective on any currency pair
  • Time Frames: H1 and H4 only

Serial Key and Usage Note

The Assar Phoenix Infinity EA comes with a specific serial key: 36b106da-b8b3-a56d-9a3f-ef1743a1bdbc. It is important to note that this EA cannot be tested using the strategy tester, necessitating live deployment for performance evaluation.


With its sophisticated algorithms and comprehensive trading strategies, the Assar Phoenix Infinity EA promises to revolutionize the way traders engage with the Forex market. By integrating advanced trading mechanics and management tools, this EA offers a robust solution for traders looking to maximize their trading potential efficiently and effectively.

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